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It's time to get them out of public school. James Dobson - Focus on the Family

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Southern Baptist parents across the country are forming an exodus from the public school system. They are reclaiming our children for the cause of Christ. The public school system has betrayed us. It's time to take matters into our own hands. Mimi Rothschild
Founder & Education Expert

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Today's public schools are rapidly sprinting towards moral relativism and spiritual confusion. Parents who send their kids to these institutions every day run the risk of having their precious children indoctrinated against the very Christian values they hold dear. Southern Baptist leaders are calling for an alternative. This is that alternative Mimi Rothschild, Founder & Christian HomeSchool Advocate

World Net Daily reports Exit Strategy Resolution

Mimi Rothschild
Friday, 3 November 2006 17:53

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by Mimi Rothschild

I’ll start with the most recent news story I could find. Popular conservative news website World Net Daily has once again given the nod to homeschoolers, this time through a report on the recent “exit strategy movement.” Californian pastor Wiley Drake voices his support:

“Basically, (the education system) has been saying, ‘You have to let us teach your kids anything we want,'” said Wiley, citing some of the pro-homosexual material being required in public education. Well, we don’t like it and we’re not going to put up with it.”

I like that attitude! It’s about time church leaders started speaking out against the public schools. So often we decry the state of our nation but we ignore the very breeding ground for which so many of this country’s ills spawn and thrive!

Citing the need to focus on creating an actionable plan using the existing Southern Baptist church network structure. Southern Baptist radio host Albert Mohler continues,

“Anyone who thinks that a few hours of youth group and church will have more influence on a child’s faith and worldview than 40 to 50 hours a week of public school classes, activities, and homework is simply not being honest with himself.”

It sounds harsh, but it’s so true. We need to start taking responsibility for our children. If we plan on separating ourselves as a higher moral culture, we’re going to have to start enriching our kids with higher standards from a younger age. Youth group just isn’t going to cut it.

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