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Our Homeschooling Program & What You Get

The Southern Baptist Academy offers a wide array of cutting-edge multimedia homeschool curriculum material. We're more than just a school — we're an online homeschool community of academic professionals ready to partner with you to meet your child's unique educational needs. We believe that learning is not limited to the classroom. At The Southern Baptist Academy, the world is the classroom. Whether it's enjoying some manna and quail with the Israelites or setting sail with the Puritans, your homeschooling students will love the Kingdom Education we offer.

The Southern Baptist Academy provides homeschooling parents with everything they need including

The Southern Baptist Academy provides you with everything that you need to set your children on the path to academic excellence and moral soundness. Other homeschooling curricula forces the parent to write endless lesson plans, plan schedules, create extensive portfolios, hassle with their public school, research laws, and choose from thousands of textbooks. The Southern Baptist Academy eliminates all of that because we do it for you.