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Affordable Christian Homeschooling

At The Southern Baptist Academy, we try to keep our homeschool tuition as affordable as possible. Our homeschool program is a mere fraction of the cost of most private school programs. We are fortunate enough to provide such an affordable homeschool solution because we do not have to rent classroom space or build and maintain new academic facilities. Through our cutting-edge technology, we bring the school right into your home, giving you a high quality homeschool at an affordable price. Because our homeschool program is run so efficiently, we are able to pass thousands of dollars of savings on to you.

Here is The Southern Baptist Academy's current tuition homeschool breakdown:

Academy Tuition

School Year  
2015 - 2016 Tuition Plans Tuition - 2795.00
For enrollment from Sept 2, 2015 through June 14, 2016.

2015 Single Payment Discount:
Remit your tuition in full with your application and receive an ADDITIONAL 5% discount. Great way to save even more.

2015 - 6 Installments:
Easy to use and great for spreading out tuition costs. Perfect for no-hassle budgeting. No installment fee. No Late or Finance charges when paid on time.

2015 - 10 Installments:
Great for planning your monthly budget. Your 1st installment due with registration and the rest about 1 month apart. A very modest 5% Installment fee. No Late or Finance charges when paid on time. The most affordable plan available.

Individual Courses Tuition for single courses with Full Teacher Support is $399.00 per course for an entire school year from Sept 4, 2012 through June 16, 2013. Single registrations are filling up fast as priority is given to full-time students.

Options and Costs

Registration and Shipping & Handling are required. Other services and costs are optional and charged only when you so choose.

Type Cost Explanation
Registration $125.00 per student Fee to create customized Student's Homeroom, Parent Account and Course Registration (This fee is 100% refundable if we are not able to approve your application).
Shipping & Handling $29.95 per Student Shipping and Handling for delivery of regularly scheduled Offline materials for the ENTIRE learning year. (International and optional delivery services are available at additional fee if requested.) Additional charges apply for AK and HI
Multimedia Access Fee $29.95 Applicable only for courses that require Multimedia Access.
Additional Course Materials (DVDs, CDs, Workbooks, Textbooks, Novels, Fiction, Games, etc) Varies per course Courses have materials that are billed to your account. On each course description page, we specify which materials are FREE and which are charged.
Senior Year Fee $108.00 This fee covers our Registrar Departments review of all incoming credits from previous institutions which includes the Credit Evaluation. Diploma in a leather case with an Official Transcript (For additional & important details concerning the transferability of credits please click here and scroll to the "Credits and Transfer of Credits" section towards the bottom of the page.)
Teacher Recommendation Letter $42.00 Individually prepared and written Letter of Recommendation often used in the College/University application process.
Official Transaction $38.00 Unofficial transcripts and grades are always available at no cost. This refers to an Official Transcripts which is prepared by our registrar, sealed and delivered directly in a sealed envelope.
Credit Evaluation (for non-seniors) $58.00 An evaluation of previous learning from public, private and home school environments.
Transfer of Credits Into the Academy $15 each: public/private school credit

$27 each: for home school-based credits
Review by our registrar and is applied to each approved transferrable credit from a public, private or home school.
Portfolio $89.00 Our staff creates a complete portfolio of sample work and accomplishments. Delivered in a complete binder. Portfolios are often required by local school administrators. This independently produced set of documents adds additional credibility because it is produced by us as an "unrelated" party.
Additional Courses $269.00 This fee covers tuition for courses that are above the maximum number of six (6) per learning year. There are no additional fees for up to six (6) courses.
Drop/Add Course Free for first 10 days after first day of attendance.

$25 After 10 days, plus cost of shipping and new materials.
International Shipping Varies This is an additional shipping and handling fee needed if your materials are being shipped outside of the contiguous United States.
All additional services are subject to availability. Although we attempt to keep this listing current, fees may be adjusted at any time without notice.

That's the breakdown, plain and simple. Your enrollment includes a complete array of homeschooling courses and services from The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool Program. This includes complete online homeschool curriculum materials for six Biblically-based courses, your own username/password (allowing protected access to our online homeschool material), gradebooks, access to the Homeschool Social Center, and more.