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Homeschool Social Center

Socialization is perhaps the prime cause of apprehension among parents who are considering homeschooling. The mainstream media and public school administrators have worked hand-in-hand to spread the rumor that homeschooled kids lack social interaction and are doomed to a life of social awkwardness. The stereotype is largely unfounded, as studies show that homeschooled students are actually more comfortable in social situations than their public school counterparts.

At the same time, we must recognize that the social environment within the public school system is a cesspool of vulgarity, bullying, unbiblical worldviews, moral relativism, and emotional abuse. There is such a thing as negative socialization. Do we want our Christian children to take on these behaviors? Children are impressionable by nature, perpetually seeking behaviors which they eventually emulate. It's how children interact with the world around them. If a baby is born in Brooklyn, chances are the child will grow up with a noticeable Brooklyn accent. Likewise, children who are raised in the public school will unconsciously take on the behavioral traits of those around them.

As homeschoolers, we understand the need for peer-level socialization. The Southern Baptist Academy meets this need with our Homeschool Social Center. This safe and monitored chat room enables children to participate in a constructive dialogue with other Southern Baptist Academy homeschool students. It's a way for children to interact with one another in a constructive, Christian environment. All of our homeschool students are welcome to join in the discussion as long as students' verbal conduct glorifies the Lord.