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Homeschool Parent's Role at the Southern Baptist Academy

The Southern Baptist Academy believes that only the love and guidance of a parent can enable a child to achieve a perfect education. Mothers and fathers teach children how to speak, move, and more just by viewing their parents do the same. It only makes sense to allow children to emulate their parents throughout their education. We believe the Lord calls parents to "train up" their children.

However, it can be hard for homeschooling parents to do it alone. Mothers and fathers rely on mechanics, doctors, and barbers to provide services about which they lack expertise. It follows that it can be beneficial for parents to do the same with home education.

The Southern Baptist Academy provides a comprehensive teacher-led homeschool lesson plans that parents will love and students will find both relevant and meaningful. Our courses hold a biblical world-view and also align with national and state academic standards.

The Southern Baptist Academy provides the homeschool curriculum, lesson plans, grading services, and guidance that parents who lack a professional teaching degree will find saves them countless hours and dollars. It is the parent's responsibility to make sure that the homeschool student is doing his or her work. The parent should check on the child's progress throughout the day and his or her grades throughout the year. The homeschool parent acts more as a supervisor rather than a teacher.

With The Southern Baptist Academy, homeschooling parents are free from the clerical work that homeschooling demands. We understand that in many cases parents find it difficult to act both as parents and teachers. We free parents to be parents.