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Exodus Homeschool Partners Program

The experiment with government schooling has failed," said Bruce Shortt, a co-sponsor of the "Exit Strategy" resolution. "What Baptists need to do now is create a new public education system, a system that is public in the sense that it is open to everyone and that takes into account the needs of orphans, single parents, and the disadvantaged. With our existing buildings, our talented people, and the educational technology available today, it is now possible to create rapidly an affordable, effective Christian education alternative to the government schools.

When Pastor Wiley Drake and Bruce Shortt called for an Exit Strategy Resolution, Southern Baptists across the nation answered. Now, The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool Program is prepared to do its part in furthering this revolution.

It is our mission to provide existing Southern Baptist churches and missionary organizations with the affordable educational resources they need to bring about a mass exodus from the public school system. By becoming a homeschool affiliate or forming a homeschooling co-op that uses our program, you can play a part in the most socially progressive movement of our time.

Join us to provide the country with an alternative--an alternative to the moral decay intellectual mediocrity that has crippled the public school system. Homosexuality, evolution, violence, drug-use, and more run roughshod over the moral traditions of our once-great nation. It's time to take a stand for our children. They are precious gifts from God, and deserve a Kingdom Education. God's Word says, "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." This is not a suggestion. It is a command!

Unfortunately, as much as we'd like to provide our children with a Godly education, many Southern Baptist churches lack the resources and funding to build a "brick-and-mortar" private school. That's where The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool Program comes in.

We invite Southern Baptist churches and missionary groups around the world to utilize our top-tier homeschooling curriculum and cutting-edge multimedia technology by becoming Exodus Homeschool Partners. With this homeschool program, you will be able to direct families in your congregation and neighborhood to our Biblically-based homeschool curriculum, the cost of which will be generously discounted for our Homeschool Partners. Your ministry will receive a portion of the homeschool tuition for the duration of each homeschool student's enrollment. This will provide you with a cost-free revenue source. No need to worry about building funds or special offerings. It's all free of charge.

Whether you are a megachurch with hundreds of children or a homeschool co-op with a handful of families — becoming an Exodus Partner can help you meet your educational goals.

The Exodus has already begun. God's people are finally standing up for their children. Remember, the Lord has made parents accountable for the training of His children. Provide your church families with an affordable way to "train up" their children. Southern Baptist church leaders are welcome to e-mail us to answer any questions they may have.

Exodus Homeschool Partner Options

Southern Baptist churches that choose the Exodus Homeschool Partners Affiliate option will be provided with banner links and literature necessary to share information about The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool Program with your church members, website visitors, family and friends. You'll receive a generous share of the homeschool tuition paid by homeschooling families for each child enrolled. Your church's level of involvement can be as simple as posting banner ads on your webpage or by handing out brochures that will make your congregation aware of The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool Program.

Exodus Homeschool Partner Cooperative

By choosing the Exodus Homeschool Partners Cooperative option, you'll set up your own homeschooling co-op or work with an existing homeschool co-op. Then, your students will enroll in The Southern Baptist Academy. Homeschool families will receive a homeschool tuition discount and your church or missionary group will receive a portion of that homeschool tuition. Your level of involvement is up to you. You can set-up a computer room in your church and have school time every day or you can have your homeschool students complete their work at home. It's up to you!

Examples of Homeschool Co-ops:

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Exodus Homeschool Partner Virtual School

The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool Program's most full-featured option is the Virtual Homeschool Academy. You'll create your own online homeschool with its own look, feel, and branding. You can even use existing church logos and color scheme to fully incorporate your Virtual Homeschool Academy into the functions of your church. Then, you'll select from a list the services you'd like to provide your homeschool students.

Examples of Virtual Homeschools:

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Learning By Grace - Affiliate Program