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Mimi Rothschild, Homeschool Program Founder

Taking a Stand for Christian Education

Mimi Rothschild is an educator, homeschool advocate, author, activist, wife, and mother. She has worked in the alternative education world for twenty years. A prominent voice in the at homeschooling movement, she has brought high technology to alternative education with online homeschooling tools. She has authored many books and countless articles on the subject of homeschooling. With fierce determination and unparalleled integrity, Mimi Rothschild is taking a stand for Christian children.

Mimi Rothschild's first foray into children's rights began at age 10. After watching nightly television news broadcasts detailing the horrific starvation that children in Biafra faced, a young Rothschild campaigned door to door, raising funds to aid these starving children. Within just a few years, Rothschild led one of the nation's first Walks on Hunger in which she raised fun for starving children in Biafra, Tanzania, and West Virginia.

In 1980, Mimi Rothschild created the Rothschild Doll Company. This company was founded to provide beautiful playthings for young children while simultaneously providing struggling single others with adequate jobs. Countless women in Jamaica and Haiti received good jobs and marketable skills working in Rothschild's sewing factories.

After giving birth to the first of what would be eight children, Mimi Rothschild took it upon herself to expose the dangers of public schools. Penning Children at Risk, after a government-sponsored report entitled Nation at Risk, Rothschild introduced a scathing indictment of the public school system. Both reports reflected the following sentiment: "If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might have well as viewed it as an act of war."

In 1987, in the office of John Holt, best known for his "Teach Your Own" manifesto, Mimi Rothschild co-founded the Massachusetts Home Learning Association. This marked Rothschild's transition from homeschooling mom to homeschooling pioneer.

In the early 1990s, Mimi Rothschild opened a chain of children's clothing stores. The stores were a great opportunity to employ local homeschoolers and of course, her growing family used the retail outlets as their own intensive lesson in real life business. The profits were used to send excess inventory to clothe children in rehabilitation centers, children's hospitals and children in orphanages in Russia and Guatemala.

Mimi Rothschild also founded a child advocacy group during this period. The National Organization for Children was founded in part to honor her beloved son, Andrew who died tragically. Programs for which she fought include the placement of computers in children's hospitals, the development of an online medical error hotline, and the creation of online alternative education resources for parents of children with learning differences.

Mimi Rothschild found that many children needed the classroom to meet them where they were because they were unable to attend classes due to health reasons. In the late nineties, she and her husband developed a homeschooling technology which enabled children to take several courses in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

In 2006, Mimi Rothschild became familiar with the mission of several Southern Baptist leaders such as Dr. Ray Moore of The Exodus Mandate and Dr. Voddie Baucham. She found that their mission, providing an alternative education that would allow Christian families to educate their children with Christian principles, lined up perfectly with her own. Rothschild believed that these families needed an affordable alternative education that she could provide using the online at homeschooling tools she developed with her husband.

The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool Program was a result of their efforts to meet this need. Today, The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool Program provides quality Christian homeschool curriculum to Southern Baptist children all over the world.


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