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Homeschooling Portfolios Available to Southern Baptist Academy Students

Our professional staff will create a beautiful, personalized, official homeschool portfolio for you!

A homeschool portfolio is a comprehensive record of your child's work. It is an organized collection of your child's academic progress throughout the year. Developing a comprehensive and impressive portfolio is a not something that can be thrown together at the end of the year. Documentation of homeschool curriculum, work samples, and grades should be included all year long. It takes many hours of thoughtful planning.

Most states require portfolios from homeschool families. See if your state requires a homeschool portfolio.

If you haven't been keeping good records, don't panic! We have been keeping records of everything needed for an amazing homeschooling portfolio.

These homeschool portfolios include the following information:

Remember, even if your state does not require a homeschool portfolio, they come in very handy in many scenarios. A homeschool portfolio is great for college admissions. Portfolios also add an additional layer of legitimacy to your child's homeschool education. A homeschool portfolio is especially useful when transferring to a different school. Order your homeschool portfolio today!

Order your Portfolio by calling (484) 383-3900 or by e-mailing