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It's time to get them out of public school. James Dobson - Focus on the Family

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Southern Baptist parents across the country are forming an exodus from the public school system. They are reclaiming our children for the cause of Christ. The public school system has betrayed us. It's time to take matters into our own hands. Mimi Rothschild
Founder & Education Expert

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Today's public schools are rapidly sprinting towards moral relativism and spiritual confusion. Parents who send their kids to these institutions every day run the risk of having their precious children indoctrinated against the very Christian values they hold dear. Southern Baptist leaders are calling for an alternative. This is that alternative Mimi Rothschild, Founder & Christian HomeSchool Advocate

The Writing is on the Wall

Mimi Rothschild
Friday, 14 March 2008 14:58


By: Mimi Rothschild

Recently, the California judicial system has directed a two-part assault on Southern Baptist homeschoolers throughout their state. First, they have banned the words “mom and dad” and “husband and wife” from their schools – please read – and are forcing teachers to promote a more alternative sexual lifestyle.

The second part of the assault came last week when three judges essentially banned homeschooling, deeming 166,000 children truants – – and their parents as criminals.

This absurd ruling needs to be reversed. Please visit:, and learn more information about this alarming issue, and have your voice heard by signing the petition. Our goal is to gain enough signatures to present this petition to the courts and let them know that America is watching. And we know what happens in California can happen anywhere in the United States!

More so, we know that this ruling has long-term ramifications of indoctrination on our children, diminishing the Christian Values that we’ve worked so diligently to instill in them. This is not a one-off case that only pertains to an isolated incident! No, it is a Ruling that eliminates a freedom that dates back to our forefathers.

Stay informed. Spread the word. Sign the petition.

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Public Schools Promoting Islam?

Mimi Rothschild
Friday, 20 July 2007 16:46


By Mimi Rothschild

Randy Dotinga of The Christian Science Monitor reports that public schools around the nation are changing their schedules, policies, cafeteria food, and setting up prayer rooms, all to accommodate Muslim students. The intention of this blog posting is not to argue against the religion of Islam, but rather expose the apparent hypocrisy of public schools in America.

While discussing an elementary school in San Diego, Dotinga asks, “In accommodating Muslim students, is the school unfairly promoting religion?” That’s a compelling question. Why are these public schools catering to Muslim students? American public schools seem to be so afraid of offending religious groups, with the exception of Christians.

Christian students have the right to pray at public schools, but they cannot “pray solely Christian prayers as an organized part of the school schedule” ( Does this law not apply to Muslim students too then? Public schools, like an elementary school in San Diego, have organized their day so Muslim students can pray during Islam’s designated prayer time in a specially provided prayer room.

Some public schools appear to be promoting the Muslim religion by helping Muslim students pray, eat according to the Muslim guidelines, and set up prayer rooms. Yet, when Christian students pray, they are often humiliated and told they are not allowed to engage in such conduct in a public school? Double standard?

To read Randy Dotinga’s article click here.

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Texas Charter Schools, Part Two: Failing and Cheating

Mimi Rothschild
Friday, 6 July 2007 15:48

Comments Off on Texas Charter Schools, Part Two: Failing and Cheating

By Mimi Rothschild

The problems with charter schools in Texas are not limited to just one or two schools. There are charter schools all over Texas that are robbing students of a quality education, but state officials are having a tough time closing them down.

For example, Texas state officials are trying to close down the American Academy of Excellence charter school for four straight years of low ratings and financial mismanagement, but two bills that would have closed the American Academy of Excellence, and dozens of other struggling charter schools, didn’t make it very far at all. There are now a total of five bills which would’ve have closed failing charter schools in Texas that never passed due to a large number of opponents. But why do people oppose closing down charter schools that fail to educate the next generation of lawmakers, politicians, scientists, teachers, doctors, accountants, laborers, etc?

“Opponents of the bills say they would have punished campuses that are reaching out to dropouts, teen parents and other students who couldn’t make it in traditional public schools. Republican Representative Sid Miller said the school can’t be expected to meet traditional standards when its students arrive three to six grades behind other children their age.”

And what do Texas supporters of closing charter schools down say?

“Schools that can’t boost students’ test scores and get them to graduate aren’t doing young people any favors.”

I definitely agree with the last statement. Not only are charter schools wasting taxpayers’ money, but they are also setting their students up to fail once they graduate. Receiving a diploma is great, but a diploma from a Texas charter school most likely symbolizes a sub par education that was possibly influenced by cheating. Texas charter schools are doing a disservice to their students by staying open if they aren’t educating them or giving students the proper skills to succeed in life.

On the other hand, homeschooling offers hundreds of benefits. One of the most important benefits of homeschooling is that homeschooling delivers first-class customized educations to homeschooling students which equip them with skills that will allow them to be successful for the rest of their lives.

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Texas Charter Schools, Part One: Failing and Cheating

Mimi Rothschild
Tuesday, 3 July 2007 13:43


By Mimi Rothschild

According to The Dallas Morning News, some charter schools in Texas are nothing short of fraudulent and Texans are now paying dearly for a decision they made in 1998. On September 10th, 1998, the State Board of Education in Texas came under fire from the audience and decided to reject recommendations made by the Texas Education Agency for deciding which charter applicants would be receive charters; in turn, they decided to give every charter school applicant a charter. Since then, chaos has ensued.

A study done by The Dallas Morning News analyzed data from the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills. The data was taken from 2005 and 2006. The Dallas News analysts discovered “that by far the most extreme cases of cheating were in the state’s lightly regulated and privately run charter schools.” Two cases of cheating come from a married couple who each run their own charter school, Jesse Jackson Academy and Theresa B. Lee.

Here’s a brief profile of Jesse Jackson Academy:

• Received charter in 1998 despite being ranked 67th out 84 applications by the Texas Education Agency.

• Started By Jesse Jackson (not the famous Jesse Jackson).

• State officials have reprimanded the school for reporting false dropout data, ignoring accounting requirements, and keeping poor records.

• In 1999, none of the five teachers were certified by Texas. Two teachers had no college degrees at all.

• Jesse Jackson Academy has received the lowest rating from Texas five times.

• No student passed the math, science or English language arts sections of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills in 2003.

• Multiple experts say that four of the blatant and severe cases of cheating all came from Jesse Jackson Academy.

Jesse Jackson Academy is not the only charter school to run amuck in Texas. There are scores of other failing charter schools in the Lone Star State, as you’ll read in part two. It is astonishing that the State Board of Education could lack so much common sense and hand out 84 charters to 84 applicants, some of whom have no business running schools at all. With Texas public schools failing and Texas charters schools cheating in addition to failing, Christian Texas parents should seriously consider homeschooling their children.

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Public Schools Go On the Offensive for Old Problems

Mimi Rothschild
Tuesday, 26 June 2007 09:55


By Mimi Rothschild

Imagine a place with lock-downs, metal detectors, inspections, undercover officers and routine drug testing. What do you see in your mind? Sounds like a description of a prison to me. Actually, this is what many public schools in America have implemented to address the violence and drug problems. In addition to hundreds of other problems, public schools now look and feel like jail!

It may not surprise many home schooling parents that drastic measures are being taken, given the fact that drugs and violence are two major problems which have systematically plagued public schools for decades.

The Hawaii Board of Education is considering passing a law that would allow public school administrators to search student’s lockers. Florida’s Governor Charlie Crist recently signed a bill that allows high school football players, baseball players and weightlifters to be subjected to random testing for steroids. Earlier this month 12 high school students at Washington’s Federal Way high schools were arrested by undercover detectives for selling drugs, rifles and semi-automatic handguns. Some of the drugs sold were cocaine, ecstasy and oxycodone.

Given these frightening conditions, it is understandable why home schooling is on the rise in America. Parents want their children to receive a quality education in a safe environment. Home schooling is increasing in popularity because Southern Baptists have answered the call of Pastor Wiley Drake and Bruce Shortt.

Bruce Shortt writes “The experiment with government schooling has failed. What Baptists need to do now is create a new public education system, a system that is public in the sense that it is open to everyone and that takes into account the needs of orphans, single parents, and the disadvantaged. With our existing buildings, our talented people, and the educational technology available today, it is now possible to create rapidly an affordable, effective Christian education alternative to the government schools.” Shortt is a co-sponsor of the “Exit Strategy” resolution

The Southern Baptist Academy has answered that call too and is providing Southern Baptists parents with affordable resources so they can successfully home school their children.

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Public School Students take Field Trip to Planned Parenthood

Mimi Rothschild
Thursday, 14 June 2007 16:03

Comments Off on Public School Students take Field Trip to Planned Parenthood

By Mimi Rothschild

Last week, Parkland Middle School students in the STAY program, “a program for at-risk middle school students that is operated by the YMCA,” went on a field trip to Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood “is America’s leading sexual and reproductive health care advocate and provider. Founded by Margaret Sanger in 1916 as America’s first birth control clinic, Planned Parenthood believes that everyone has the right to choose when or whether to have a child, that every child should be wanted and loved, and that women should be in charge of their destinies.” Planned Parenthood provides birth control to under-age females. Planned Parenthood also provides abortions on demand, often times without the consent or knowledge of the parents of the girl getting the abortion.

Not only were children at the impressionable and tender ages of between 11 and 13 exposed to the beliefs of Planned Parenthood, but they were actually escorted to a clinic that systematically murders babies. Thankfully, many parents are in an uproar in Manchester, New Hampshire, where this took place. Yet again, another example of our nation’s public schools implicity conveying unbiblical messages to their students.

Read more about Parkland Middle School’s field trip to Planned Parenthood.

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Man Created Schools, God Created Families

Mimi Rothschild
Thursday, 10 May 2007 17:14

Comments Off on Man Created Schools, God Created Families

By Mimi Rothschild

I came across this video on YouTube from The Old Schoolhouse that does a pretty good job of reminding us why we homeschool.  Seeing the smiling faces on those kids reminded me of all the good memories I have from homeschooling my children.

This video does a great job of illustrating the failures of the public school and lining them up with the benefits of homeschooling.

These several slides represent many years of time and effort taken towards training up children in the way that they should go.  Homeschooling families everywhere deserve a round of applause for dedicating their lives to the spiritual and intellectual growth of their children.

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Public School Coaches Exclude Homeschoolers

Mimi Rothschild
Thursday, 26 April 2007 09:44


By Mimi Rothschild

The Clanton Advisor reported on a story this week about coaches trying to keep homeschoolers from participating in public school sports.
“I don’t see how I could put a home schooled player ahead of one of the guys who is here all day long. It just doesn’t seem fair to me for the kids here at the school.”


Do homeschoolers not pay the same taxes as public school parents?  Are they not American citizens? This kind of exclusionary attitude is what makes sports so intolerable for most kids.  I’m sure there are some great high school coaches out there, but I’d like to remind those who wish to exclude that it’s JUST A GAME.  We’re talking about football here!

I once knew a homeschooler who was allowed to play football for a public school team.  He was actually one of the better players, but the rest of the team made his life so miserable that he quit before the season was even over.  Coaches should spend their time trying to curb this mentality, not facilitate it.

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Daycare linked to Misbehavior

Mimi Rothschild
Thursday, 29 March 2007 09:30

1 Comment

By Mimi Rothschild

In other news, new study shows water found to be wet. In all seriousness, it gets my goat that the results of this study would be considered surprising. This eCanadaNOW report explains:

A much-anticipated report from the largest and longest-running study of American child care has found that keeping a preschooler in a day care center for a year or more increased the likelihood that the child would become disruptive in class — and that the effect persisted through the sixth grade.

Parents, your children’s formative years are not worth it. Even if you can’t make those mortgage payments without a second income, consider finding work that would allow you to be at home taking care of the children.

The New York Times hits on an even more pressing issue, and one that should raise eyebrows among homeschoolers:

That the troublesome behaviors lasted through at least sixth grade, he said, should raise a broader question: “So what happens in classrooms, schools, playgrounds and communities when more and more children, at younger and younger ages, spend more and more time in centers, many that are indisputably of limited quality?”

If daycare centers are linked to bad behavior, couldn’t we extrapolate and assume that elementary schools are as well? I don’t need to conduct a scientific study to tell you that the average homeschool student is better-behaved than the average public school student.

As a society we’ve come to assume that the natural way for children to grow and develop socially is through constant peer-to-peer interaction. While peer socialization is important, parent-to-child socialization may prove to be more critical. Homeschooled children look up to their older siblings and parents, desirous of their maturity, knowledge, and social status. This is a good thing!

Public schooled children, on the other hand, spend a majority of their waking hours for twelve straight years surrounded by peers who are no more mature than they are. How can we expect our children to transcend behavior problems when we place them in such an environment?

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The Southern Baptist Academy Stands for Homeschooling

Mimi Rothschild
Thursday, 22 February 2007 13:10

1 Comment

By Mimi Rothschild

I would like to do my part to spread the word about the We Stand for Homeschooling petition. The petition was designed to help spread awareness about the deceptive use of the word “homeschooling” by public cyber schools.

These public cyberschools are using the word homeschooling as a way to lure those wishing for a public school alternative back into the fold.  The problem the signers of this petition are trying to avoid can be summarized by a simple guilt by association.  Public virtual charter schools are proving to be colossal wastes of money, especially when their students are not performing even as well as their public school counterparts.  Their use of homeschooling terminology needs to stop now.

We might not be able to define what homeschooling is, given its variety of forms, but we can confidently define what homeschooling is not, and that is a publicly-funded program.
I can’t be any more emphatic about this: Enrolling in public virtual/cyber charter schools is not homeschooling.

Read more about this controversy at the Kansas City Star.

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