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It's time to get them out of public school. James Dobson - Focus on the Family

Kingdom Education is God's 1st Choice!

In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge Col. 3:23

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Southern Baptist parents across the country are forming an exodus from the public school system. They are reclaiming our children for the cause of Christ. The public school system has betrayed us. It's time to take matters into our own hands. Mimi Rothschild
Founder & Education Expert

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Today's public schools are rapidly sprinting towards moral relativism and spiritual confusion. Parents who send their kids to these institutions every day run the risk of having their precious children indoctrinated against the very Christian values they hold dear. Southern Baptist leaders are calling for an alternative. This is that alternative Mimi Rothschild, Founder & Christian HomeSchool Advocate

10 Reasons Why I Love Being a HomeSchool Mom

Tuesday, 7 February 2012 12:31

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Reason #10 – Birthdays become school holidays.

Reason #9 – I always get to be the chaperone on field trips.

Reason #8 –  I can sleep in on rainy mornings.

Reason #7 – My pajamas are sometimes my work uniform until noon.

Reason #6 – The teacher-student ratio can’t be beat!

Reason #5 – I can kiss the school principal in the faculty lounge.

Reason #4 – Integrating God in our school lessons is always encouraged.

Reason #3 – I do not have to stay up late at night helping my children study for tests and complete homework assignments.

Reason #2 – I have the opportunity to instill the love of learning.

And Reason #1 – I am the recipient of hugs and kisses all day long!

Tamara Chilver is an elementary teacher, home educator, speaker, author of Homeschooling with TLC in the Elementary Grades and Tutoring Your Elementary Child with TLC, and creator of the television program Flip Your Family. Tamara’s approach gives parents teaching tools to enhance their children’s education and empowers them with confidence. For more teaching tips, visit

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