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Get Our Kids Out Of Public School, Homeschool Now

Public School Vs. Homeschool

As Christians, we must rescue our children from public schools. They are being coerced and persecuted there. Frankly, speaking as a pastor who has observed the deterioration of public schools for many years, I would say that Christian parents who are putting their children in public schools today are endangering their children spiritually, emotionally, physically, and educationally. This debate is important because parents need to know how toxic public schools have become.Pastor Wiley Drake, Southern Baptist Convention

Secularization Seen in Society Avoided in Homeschool

"Where did we go wrong? Didn't we used to stand for something?"

These are the questions that the Southern Baptist church is asking itself these days. It's clear that our society as a whole is careening towards mass secularization and immorality. It has been said that what constitutes as "edgy" or "progressive" today is the norm tomorrow. A truer word could not be said about our once-great nation's moral climate.

Circumvent the Dangers of the Classroom by Homeschooling

What's more, these anti-values are being promoted every day within the classrooms and halls of our public schools under the banner of tolerance. Homosexuality is now taught to our pre-teens as normal and healthy behavior. Abortion is offered as an easily solution to a tough problem. Suicide, eating disorders, and self-mutilation rates have skyrocketed. Teenage sexual activity is at an all-time high. Americanism is now synonymous with bigotry and hatefulness. Creation Science is rejected as fantasy. One could go on for hours chronicling the steady decline of youth culture's moral fabric.

Freedoms Allowed by Homeschooling Not Found in Public Schools

If that weren't enough, the public school environment has become shockingly hostile to traditional Christian values and ideas. Prayer was taken out of schools decades ago, and that was just the beginning. Today, students are discouraged from even discussing their faith or taking a moral stand on any issues. After all, "open-mindedness" and tolerance are held in high esteem, far above truth. In fact, truth is now considered an outmoded artifact of a bygone era.

Homeschooling is the Answer

How can we hope to be salt and light in this world if our children are being indoctrinated against Christian values from the moment they enter grade school? Brave Christians across the nation have chosen to pull their children out of public school and begin homeschooling. Now is the time for parents to take responsibility of the precious gifts that God has given them in their children. A mass "exodus" is occurring. This exciting movement has the potential of being the most socially-disruptive boycott of all time. Can you imagine what a powerful force we could be for the Kingdom if we united in order to "train up" the most spiritually vibrant generation of our time?

Christian Homeschool Program

It is time Southern Baptist churches and associations look more seriously at establishing Kingdom schools. Now, I might not have said that five years ago. My attitude . . . was that if someone else wanted to have a Christian school then God bless them. But now I believe it is time we starting at the earliest years in developing disciples and empowering Kingdom growth through education."Jack Graham, Southern Baptist Convention President

The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool Program was founded to answer this call. There is an exodus on the horizon, and we're proud to be able to march at the front lines with our homeschool program. Find out more about Our Homeschooling Mission.