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Daily Homeschooling Lesson Plans

From the freedom to teach what you want to the safety of learning at home; homeschooling affords countless benefits to parents. Unfortunately, these benefits do not come without costs. Homeschooling can be a daunting task. Many parents spend hours every weekend designing the next week's lesson plan for children. The amount of time required to provide your children with the proper education they need is immense. Educating your children at home can easily become a full-time job.

The Southern Baptist Academy is here to change that! Our Daily Homeschooling Lesson Plans are developed and implemented by our homeschool curriculum experts. These cutting-edge plans include breakthrough multimedia technology including video, audio, online content, CD-ROMS, and traditional print materials. With The Southern Baptist Academy, you'll never have to spend a sleepless Sunday night figuring out what your homeschoolers will learn that week. In addition, you'll achieve peace of mind that comes with knowing that your children are receiving a top-tier homeschool education. Our Academic Counselors are hard at work every day to make sure that your homeschooling students receive all the attention they need.

Perhaps you have a gifted child who finds herself stifled by the slow pace of her peers. Maybe you have a learning disabled child who is constantly struggling to keep up. Whatever your child's learning style, our Daily Homeschooling Lesson Plans will be a perfect fit. Our "Any-Pace" learning structure is infinitely flexible. Students can spend as much time, or as little, as they need on any given homeschool assignment, according to their God-given talents. Our teachers will handle all the grading and processing of homeschool assignments.

Our Daily Homeschooling Lesson plans take the legwork out of homeschooling. Rather than spending countless hours hammering out a lesson plan, you can spend that time guiding your children in their online studies and cultivating their inherent curiosity for learning. The Southern Baptist Academy provides a unique combination: The freedom, control, and affordability of homeschooling with the convenience and teacher support of traditional private Christian school. It truly is the best of both worlds!

The Southern Baptist Academy's Daily Homeschooling Lesson Plans come at no additional cost — they are included in the price of homeschool program tuition.

Homeschooling Lesson Plans