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This is a tutorial that will help those who are new to using a computer and the Internet. It is assigned to everyone so they can review it and make certain they have the basic Internet understanding to work with the Jubilee Academy courses. It is not graded.

We highly recommend reviewing the lessons in the tutorial because they will help you establish a good working foundation of basic skills necessary for both The Jubilee Academy as well as other online sites.

Internet skills are also an essential part of learning and working in today’s society. All students and parents should spend time reviewing these lessons.

If you can think of additional lessons that you would like to see included in this course please use the Message Center button and Smail us your suggestions. (Note: some of the material in some lessons is based on material from NCTA, TECH CORPS, and Cable in the Classroom. (used with permission)

We will be adding new lessons as they continue to be developed and would greatly appreciate your input.

See the list of exciting chapters in this course.

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*Course also incurrs a $4.95 per course multimedia access fee.