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The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) training course is designed to help foreign learners become familiarized with the components of the exam, and to provide materials to aid in studying and preparing for the content of the exam. Reviewing and building upon skills such as grammar, listening, reading comprehension and writing will prepare the students for the TOEFL.

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The TOEFL eBook contains a wealth of exercises, interactive websites, online practice and practice tests to engage the students and surround them with all components of the English language. Grammar, rhetoric, reading and writing concepts, listening skills and comprehension skills are explored in this eBook. This eBook provides foreign learners with the skills and knowledge base to successfully conquer the TOEFL.

TOEFL Preparation eBook - eBook

*All materials are subject to change and may be available on a limited basis.

Because learning happens everywhere, not just on the computer, we have carefully selected offline materials to supplement and enrich the online course content. There will be assignments using these materials in effective, comprehensive learning in this course.

Kaplan Comprehensive English - Workbook

*All materials are subject to change and may be available on a limited basis.

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*Course also incurrs a $4.95 per course multimedia access fee.