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Should I brush my teeth tonight? Should I wear my seatbelt? Should I stay angry at my friend? Should I follow rules and laws? Developing Healthy Habits is devoted to producing children equipped with knowledge to make healthy decisions.

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In our Health and Physical Education 3 eBook students will learn about structure and function of teeth, auditory, digestive & immune systems. Students will identify physical and psychological changes that result from physical activity and learn personal planning for nutrition & activity. They will predict the consequences of food choices and practice strategies to avoid and solve conflicts peacefully. This eBook also contains great readings, activities, projects and WebVentures that will inform, educate and saturate the student with much need information and facts about being good steward of the bodies that the Lord has given us.

Health and PE 3 eBook - eBook

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The Multimedia Access Fee provides instant access to over 20,000 educational video clips carefully selected to supplement and explain each lesson.

Health and PE 3 Multimedia Access Fee - Online Multimedia

*All materials are subject to change and may be available on a limited basis.

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*Course also incurrs a $4.95 per course multimedia access fee.