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Digital cameras have arrived and digital photography is a wonderful innovation that is taking our country by storm! Learn basics of photography including how to make your camera work, how to post pictures to the web, and other useful skills that will enable you to take full advantage of this technological revolution. Please note: The Academy does not supply cameras to students in this course.

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The Digital Photography eBook is an image intensive and concisely laid out tutorial that presents all the basic concepts and methods of photography an amateur photographer should be familiar with. The course is geared towards hands-on experience and applicable digital camera use. Students will be given inspiration and opportunity to capture images of their world from their own unique perspective. Whether taking pictures of a stream in the park, a city at night, or friends and family, students will learn how to work with lighting, composition, aperture, exposure and ISO to create their desired visual effect. Students will also learn how to move images from the camera onto the computer, so that they may edit, store or email the shots they take. Altogether, this eBook promises to change the way students view, and even how they think about, the world around them.

Digital Photography eBook - eBook

*All materials are subject to change and may be available on a limited basis.

Because learning happens everywhere, not just on the computer, we have carefully selected offline materials to supplement and enrich the online course content. There will be assignments using these materials in effective, comprehensive learning in this course.

Foundation Course Digital Photography - Book - Paperback

Digital Travel Photography - Book - Paperback

Digital Photographers Handbook - Book - Paperback

*All materials are subject to change and may be available on a limited basis.

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*Course also incurrs a $4.95 per course multimedia access fee.