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Art and Music 2 combines two engaging courses designed to both entertain and teach your budding arts lover! The first half-year course is devoted to art and starts in September while the second half-year course, devoted to Music, begins in January. In Art, students will learn to take pride in their own creativity and recognize God, the ultimate Creator, as the source of their creative gifts. In Music, children will delight in learning many traditional styles of music as they sing along with a variety of worship songs. Throughout the year, students will learn to love and appreciate the arts as a wonderful gift of God for the enjoyment of His children.

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The Art and Music 2 eBook contains balanced and carefully selected visual arts lessons that will enable students to experience and participate in the wonder of creating art. Through vivid images, intensive art projects, and related videos, students will find meaning in artistically expressing themselves! In the half of the course devoted to Music, students will delight in the wonder of music as they listen to cheerful songs and are encouraged to sing along. They will also be introduced to basic music theory, and will explore music through activities, web sites, and even making their own instruments!

Art and Music 2 eBook - eBook

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The Multimedia Access Fee provides instant access to over 20,000 educational video clips carefully selected to supplement and explain each lesson.

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*All materials are subject to change and may be available on a limited basis.

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