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What does it really mean to be a Christian? Is someone a Christian because they attend Church service every Sunday or should Christianity have some deeper impact on our everyday lives? In this course, students will examine the idea of Christian Character in relevant and insightful ways. They will also find strength and encouragement to take a stand for Christ in a culture that continues to undermine the value of good character.

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The Christian Character eBook combines Christian beliefs with character and leadership education to form a comprehensive life guide for all teenagers. The eBook highlights beneficial traits and qualities found in upstanding Christian men and women, and provides practical advice for how to use those traits in the real world.

Christian Character eBook - eBook

*All materials are subject to change and may be available on a limited basis.

Because learning happens everywhere, not just on the computer, we have carefully selected offline materials to supplement and enrich the online course content. There will be assignments using these materials in effective, comprehensive learning in this course.

God's Business - Book - Paperback

Principles of Leadership - Book - Paperback

Learning to Lead - Book - Paperback

*All materials are subject to change and may be available on a limited basis.

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