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It has been said, “in order to know the nature of the tree, you need to look at its roots,” and that saying is certainly true of the Bible and the Christian faith. In this course, students will dig deep into the world and culture of the Old Testament to discover the roots of their faith! Students will also focus on the history and culture of God's people, Israel. Only by thoroughly reading through the Old Testament can Christians truly understand all the aspects of God’s heart; His power and His compassion. Get ready to learn more about God than you have ever imagined. You'll be amazed at what you find!

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In this eBook, students will examine the books of Old Testament in great detail, learning about history and the context of the writings. Students will also read about archaeological discoveries, examine ancient texts, and read the writings of prominent scholars on various aspects of the Old Testament and its reliability. Through the combination of excellent websites and engaging multimedia resources, this course promises to be a thrilling adventure of discovery.

Bible 10 eBook - eBook

*All materials are subject to change and may be available on a limited basis.

Because learning happens everywhere, not just on the computer, we have carefully selected offline materials to supplement and enrich the online course content. There will be assignments using these materials in effective, comprehensive learning in this course.

Be Strong and Courageous - Book - Paperback

Sorted? :The Distinctive Guide to Life's Big Issues - Book - Paperback

Why Doesn't God Stop Evil? - Book - Paperback

*All materials are subject to change and may be available on a limited basis.

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