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“Faith” is one of those Christian words that no one can really explain. Some say it is “believing without seeing.” Others say it is “trusting without knowing.” However it is phrased, it can be a difficult concept to understand and, more difficult still, to live by. Authentic Faith examines characters of the Bible who proved their faith to the Lord and provides suggestions on how to imitate such obedience in our own lives.

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This eBook begins with a review of the Bible, and then shifts focus to how God chose us, revealed Himself to us, and invited us on a lifelong journey of discovery with Him! By learning to ask questions about God, students will deepen their understanding of Him. By seeking out God and relying on Christ to guide and strengthen them, the students will learn how to live out a dynamic, life-changing faith!

Bible 8 eBook - eBook

*All materials are subject to change and may be available on a limited basis.

Because learning happens everywhere, not just on the computer, we have carefully selected offline materials to supplement and enrich the online course content. There will be assignments using these materials in effective, comprehensive learning in this course.

Restless Faith - Book - Paperback

Losers and Winners, Saints and Sinners - Book - Paperback

*All materials are subject to change and may be available on a limited basis.

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