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Take a look around you. Think about everything God has created in this world and how He has blessed us. Now consider that there are even MORE things God created that we cannot see right now. Did you know water runs underground, there are many planets in the universe way out in the sky, and there are things so small we need special tools to see them? Second grade Science will take you beyond what you can see to experience even the hidden things of God’s masterpiece.

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In this Science 2 eBook, the development of the child's curiosity and wonder about God's creation is emphasized. The lessons maximize the child's critical thinking skills: observing, classifying, measuring, formulating hypotheses, controlling variables, and interpreting data. Equally important is the child's developing sense of the processes inherent in scientific study.

Science 2 eBook - eBook

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*All materials are subject to change and may be available on a limited basis.

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