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Did you know that you and I are considered God’s masterpieces? We are perfect pieces of art molded by God so that we may please Him. In order to do so, He blessed us with a wonderful world to live in and take care of. God’s Masterpiece highlights what God has created, from you and me to the oceans and skies to plants and animals. Discover how much God loves you by learning how He created you and the world around you!

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This eBook develops the child's sense of curiosity, wonder and enthusiasm for scientific facts. Discovering God's Creation is a wonderful introduction to the world around us as seen through the eyes of a kindergarten student. Our changing skies, the five senses that make us aware of our world, the animals that populate our planet and the ever changing miracle of the seasons are discussed in this colorful eBook!

Science K eBook - eBook

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The Multimedia Access Fee provides instant access to over 20,000 educational video clips carefully selected to supplement and explain each lesson.

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*All materials are subject to change and may be available on a limited basis.

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