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Our Convictions in Homeschooling

The Southern Baptist Academ y Homeschool Program believes first and foremost that Jesus Christ is Lord. As such, His teachings are to play a preeminent role in all of life, especially education. This principle shapes our entire homeschool curriculum and academic philosophy.

Furthermore, The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool Program holds to the statement of faith as proposed by the Southern Baptist Convention.

The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool Program believes that our children are gifts from God, each with unique abilities and skills that can be cultivated and brought out through the proper education. We feel strongly that Christian children need Christian education in order to maintain a strong faith relationship with God. We believe that the idea that young children should be "salt and light" in the public school is fundamentally flawed because children are not yet equipped to withstand perpetual intellectual and moral attack in a public school environment. Statistics support this argument, as 88% of children raised in Christian homes reject their faith by the time they graduate from a twelve-year public school program. Children need care and authority that can only come from a loving parent. We believe that parents can best provide the educational guidance children need. In order to ensure that children grow and develop in the Lord, it is imperative that we remove ourselves from the ways of the world.

The homeschool students of The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool Program are encouraged to cultivate a healthy fear of the Lord as well as an understanding of his love and mercy. In this way homeschool students recognize that there are absolute boundaries of good and evil, sin and righteousness. At the same time, homeschool students are taught that no man is righteous before God and, as such, we must all depend on the amazing grace of our Lord.