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Our Homeschoool Program Accreditation

The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool Program is nationally accredited by the National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance. This means that enrolling your homeschooler in our online school program is equivalent to sending them to the private Christian school across town. The Southern Baptist Academy is recognized by colleges and school districts across the country as a private school, just like our "brick and mortar" counterparts.

Our Homeschoool Program Registration

The Southern Baptist Academy is an independent private Christian K-12 online homeschool program that is registered as a private school by the Florida Department of Education.

Why Florida? Florida's progressive educational laws allow us to deliver a fantastic online homeschooling curriculum throughout the country. Because we are based in Florida, the state's laws apply to all of our enrollees. However, we strongly advise parents to thoroughly research their local homeschooling regulations that may affect their enrollment in The Southern Baptist Academy. That way, we can provide proof of The Southern Baptist Academy homeschool enrollment status to your local School Board upon request. We'll do our best to ensure that your homeschool enrollment is hassle-free.

Because The Southern Baptist Academy is considered a private school, we are able to award high school credits and official high school diplomas recognized by colleges and universities across the country. We want to prepare your online homeschooler for a fulfilling college experience!

The Southern Baptist Academy homeschooling curriculum exceeds national academic standards in all of the core K-12 curriculum. You can be sure that your homeschool students will receive a top-tier Kingdom Education when partnering with SBA. You can rest easy knowing that your homeschoolers are in good hands.

Please feel free to call us at (484) 383-3900 any time to discuss the future of your homeschooler's education. We want to offer our expertise to help you make such a monumental decision. If our representatives feel that our homeschool program is not right for your child, we'll tell you. We're not in education for the money. We feel that we answer to a higher calling.